Letter from John Prymmer

Hi everyone, JP here.

I know a rumors have been going around about The Wanch as of late. Well we have agonized over this for quite a while and have been working on many things that we were ultimately unable to make happen, so we have decided to suspend operation of The Wanch until the corona virus is totally under control, the chance of government forced closures is over and the business environment is once again positive.

Many people have asked us about crowdfunding but to do it at this time would simply mean the money going to the landlord & no guarantee of being able to rock Wan Chai. We can’t totally blame the landlords as the govt plays a part by not offering landlords incentives to truly work with tenants.

We are committed to reopening The Wanch when the time is right. Corona virus has hit everyone very hard & The Wanch staff & management hopes everyone will stay healthy, positive, vigilant & upbeat.

We invite all bands & musicians to use The Wanch Facebook page to post videos, live stream, & communication for all of the HK Music Community. The Wanch Management & Staff look forward to coming back & rocking HK even harder in the future. I will continue posting videos communicating with you all & I hope you will also as we keep The Wanch alive till we can open the doors once again.

In the meantime, please do your best to support these other great live venues/organizers in Hong Kong:

Take care & keep in touch.